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Mass Conversion

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Reengineer your green-screen code into modern web applications - automatically!

Reengineer your green-screen code into modern web applications - automatically!Mass Conversion is an exclusive modernization service only available from Profound Logic Software. Our unique process will reengineer all of your green-screen code into modern Web applications for the IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) platform. We use our automated mass conversion technology, so that you do not have to invest years into rebuilding your applications manually.

All of this is done without creating yet another layer over your legacy system (aka "Screen Scraping"), but instead transforming the limited green-screen definitions into a truly modern interface driven by HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This gives you utmost flexibility and allows you to take advantage of everything a browser interface has to offer while preserving the robustness of your system. You will be able to maintain your new applications using a powerful Integrated Development Environment that supports both Web and traditional RPG development.

The entire conversion process will be monitored and tracked by the Profound Logic Modernization Team. We will configure, catalog, and run all of you libraries through the converter. The team will then test each aspect of your modernized application, as well as apply any additional enhancements as required. 

Mass Conversion Benefits

Save Time and Money
The experts at Profound Logic will perform a free analysis of your system to see what DDS and keywords you are using, which allows us to put together a proposal for what work is involved in the conversion process. This significantly reduces the amount of time you would spend on this process, and enables us to put together an accurate assessment of the scope of the project.

Automated, Repeatable Process
After assessing your environment, our team will help you create an automated, iterative process to continually improve and test the converted code. At the end of the project, you will have a modern, functional system without any ties to 5250!

Custom Coding and Enhancements
Sometimes modernizing an application isn't a "straight line". In the point-and-click world of the World Wide Web, the functionality you expect in a Web browser-based application can't always be pulled directly from your 5250 applications. For example, you may need to deliver a creative alternative to function keys, or create a custom skin that matches your company's brand.  Profound Logic can help!

Whatever your modernization needs are, the Profound Logic services team will make sure your project is a success. Contact us to get started!

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