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Mobile Development

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Need assistance with mobile development? Profound Logic can help.

Mobile Development Services for IBM i, BYOD, Rapid Development

Mobile applications can take your RPG and Node.js code in directions you never thought possible. With our Profound Mobile product, you can rapidly make your enterprise IBM i applications - including ERP, sales, and supply chain apps - available on Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices.

Don't have the resources available for development? Or maybe you just need some guidance to get you started? Our Mobile Development Services will help you:

  • Assess your IBM i (AS/400) application environment and develop a mobile application roadmap
  • Get the most out of our products with training by our experts
  • Design modern, robust mobile application interfaces
  • Integrate PhoneGap development for custom branding and offline capabilities
  • Assure that your business data remains secure, no matter what mobile devices you use
  • Provide support to help you along every step of your mobile development project


Solution Screenshots

Use the Profound UI Visual Designer to create mobile applications, like you would Web applications Optimize mobile real estate with the use of accordian panels and scrollable sections
Use mobile widgets in the Visual Designer to create a native look/feel for any mobile device Add a signature pad widget to your mobile applications
Add native functionality to your applications, including the Camera feature
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