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IBM i Modernization and Development Services

Profound Logic Software is committed to seeing you succeed in all of your IBM i modernization and development projects. We offer customized consulting services to handle all of your business's needs. In addition, we offer on-site training to give you the education you need to get the most out of your Profound Logic investment.

With any of our services, you can feel confident in the fact that our consultants and trainers are well-versed in the latest IBM i and Web technologies. Each member of our team is willing and able to sit down with you and work out a solution that best fits your requirements.

Our professional services include:

  • Mass Conversion
    Profound Logic's automated mass conversion technology re-engineers your green-screen 5250 code into modern Web applications driven by HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, without screen-scraping.
  • RPG-to-Node.js Conversion
    Profound Logic can work with your business to cleanly and accurately convert legacy RPG code into Node.js. Node.js is JavaScript - the most popular programming language in the world. By converting to Node.js, you can: add Watson and IoT capabilities along with hundreds of other NPM packages; modularize your code; more easily find new developers for the IBM i platform; and avoid other more costly, disruptive modernization attempts.
  • Mobile Development
    Profound Logic supports IBM i businesses with development services for Web and hybrid Mobile applications.
  • On-site Training
    Our on-site training sessions with qualified RPG experts assure your IBM i modernization projects go smoothly.
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